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Join the RAPIDLY Growing Movement to Grant Rights to our Rivers


Rights for Rivers UK is part of a growing global movement that recognises the inherent rights of rivers to exist, thrive, and evolve independently of human interests.

At the core of our mission is the concept of environmental personhood, which recognises the intrinsic value and agency of natural entities like rivers. We believe that just as individuals and communities have legal rights, so too should rivers have the right to exist, flourish, and maintain their natural state. Our primary goal is to raise awareness of this movement and to work with local communities and groups to uplift their voices so that they can secure the rights of rivers. We believe that by empowering and supporting these groups, we can achieve greater success in pressuring councils and governments to take action to protect our rivers.

As a youth-led organisation, we are committed to bringing youth voices to the forefront of this movement. We believe that young people have a unique perspective on the world and can bring fresh ideas and energy to the fight for environmental justice. Our ultimate goal is to protect rivers and secure their right to be pollution-free. We believe that clean and healthy rivers are essential to our well-being as individuals and as a society, and that by working together with local communities and groups, we can ensure that they continue to provide us with the benefits we all rely on.

Join us in our mission to protect the rights of rivers and ensure a sustainable future for ourselves and generations to come, by empowering and supporting local communities and groups to uplift their voices for the rights of rivers.

What is environmental personhood?

Environmental personhood is a legal concept that recognizes the inherent value and agency of natural entities like rivers. It asserts that these entities have the right to exist, flourish, and maintain their natural state, independently of human interests.


In the UK, environmental personhood could be a powerful tool to protect rivers better. By granting rivers legal standing and recognizing their intrinsic value, it would provide a stronger basis for protecting them from harm and ensuring that their needs are taken into account in policy and decision-making. Currently, rivers in the UK face significant threats. The water companies, who are responsible for the quality of our waterways, are not taking their responsibilities seriously. There is also a policy vacuum at government level, and the Environment Agency, who are the river's legal protectors, are not always effective in protecting them. At the same time, local communities often feel powerless in the face of these threats. This lack of agency and influence can make it more difficult for individuals and the local authority to take action when the river ecosystem is damaged.


By recognizing the legal rights of rivers and promoting environmental personhood, we can empower communities and individuals to take action to protect these vital natural resources. It would provide a stronger legal basis for individuals and communities to hold the water companies and government accountable for their responsibilities towards the rivers. It would also give a voice to the rivers themselves, ensuring that their needs and interests are taken into account in decision-making processes. Ultimately, recognizing the rights of rivers would promote a more sustainable and equitable relationship between humans and the natural world, benefiting both current and future generations.




Working with local communities, councils, organisations and government to discuss and implement rights for rivers in the UK.


Raising awareness for environmental personhood and rights for rivers in the UK. Giving a platform to rights for rivers movements and bringing attention to local water issues.


Working with local rights for rivers groups to support them where needed and raise attention for their work, collaborating with environmental groups to advocate for greater protection of rivers

How can you work with us?

Write for us

Help us spread the word about the importance of protecting rivers in the UK and advancing the concept of environmental personhood. We are seeking passionate writers/journalists with a commitment to protecting the environment to write for us!

Advocate with us

Work with us to get local councils, politicians and government to hear about rights for rivers in the UK. You will be given the support needed to reach out to relevant bodies to advocate for environmental personhood. We are seeking young people interested in politics, policy and law!

work with partner organisations

Work with local rights for rivers groups, and other environmental organisations to make our goals become reality! You will be at the forefront of helping bring various rights for rivers groups together, and will play a pivotal role in supporting rights for rivers movements across the UK.

A Better Tomorrow

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